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Power Pikster



Presenting the Power Pikster

Brings sonic vibration power to your Piksters interdental brush.

Powerful cleaning without manual dexterity.

  • Significantly easier insertion due to a mechanical lubrication effect.
  • Less force results in less bending of fine wires. Particularly suitable for ultrafine new size 00.
  • Higher patient compliance.
  • Use with new Piksters v3 (white wire) or Piksters Kink.
  • Intrapocket cleaning possible with size 00.
  • Light weight and suitable for travel.
  • Rechargeable with USB (cable supplied - charges from any phone charger or laptop34).

Kit includes: Piksters v3 Variety Pack size 00-6 and Piksters Kink size 1.

Brand: Erskine Oral Care
Weight 0.15 kg
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